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V-Tex 450
220V 5 HP single phase

The electric V-Tex 450 machine is for spraying
stucco, mortar, grout, and fireproofing
materials with with built in air compressor.

Price included with air
compressor, and accessories.


Please call for pricing


The electric V-Tex 450 design is for using in doors and out doors.
Power requirement is a 220V 25Amp single phase.

Remote On/Off switch at the gun.

The V-Tex 450 with a 5hp electric motor will do almost the
same performance as the Vortex with the gas motor.

The V-Tex 450 includes a built-in air lubricant compressor,
50ft material hose, short pole gun, and a cleaning ball kit.

When purchasing an electric powred motor you may also
purchase the gas motor by itself if needed.

Replacement of the motor is very easy to do. You can
replace the gas motor with an electric motor and an electric
motor with a gas motor.

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