Stucco Sprayer Hopper gun
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The V-Tex excellent stucco sprayer,
GFRC, Skim coat, level 5, and fireproofing
Monokote sprayer.

V-TEX 400/470

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A unique fluid section design and EZ lift-in style frame make this powerful airless sprayer ideal for applying ultra heavy materials. It is the most portable gas or electric heavy material sprayer available today. Highly recommended for skim coat and level 5 finishes.

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How the V-tex works

Peristaltic pumps use rotating rollers pressed against special flexible tubing to create a pressurized flow. The tube is compressed at a number of points in contact with the rollers.
The media is moved through the tube with
each rotating motion.

The design of the peristaltic soft hose pump
delivers several advantages, including low
risk of media contamination, simple and
cost-effective operation, low maintenance,
self-priming, and gentle pumping action.

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20 cfm oil lubricant
air compressor .
5.5hp Honda engine with
oil alert auto shut off.
1.25 in material outlet,
and chicago air fitting
for maximum air flow.
Hydraulic system with
Speed, and pressure control.
5500In/lb Hydraulic
motor included with
quick hose connector
for reverse direction.

Detent 3 way valve
for changing the squeeze
rollers rotation
(optional only. Call for
cost information)


A specially designed stucco sprayer, GFRC sprayer, GFRG sprayer and fireproofing sprayer.

The only machine with remote On/Off switch at the gun when working 100ft away.

Special material fitting on squeeze hose. see more informations

The only 32" width Gas power, Hydraulic, and a built in Compressor
System in the market place.

No internal moving parts come in contact with the product being pumped,
and this reduces maintenance problems.

Replacement of the pumping hose is far less than the replacement cost of a rotor/stator
system and the replacement takesless time.

The simplicity of cleaning is another important point of the Peristaltic pumps.

No uncoupling of the material hose is necessary. Just insert a cleaning sponge
into the hopper, add clean water, and let the Peristaltic Pump clean it self.


GFRC (Glass fiber reinforced concrete),
GFRG ( Glass fiber reinforced Gypsum),
Stucco, decorative Cement finishes, (wall stamping) Oranepeel,
Knockdown Drywall Texture, Acoustic, EIFS, Dash, Fire Proofing,
Grout, Sand /Cement Slurries, plaster spray products,
Monokot Mk-6, Fireproofing, Other Highly Viscous And Abrasive Materials.


50Ft x 1.25 In material hose


An optional 500 psi plaster &
grout hose. please call for pricing.

Short pole gun with 4 spray nozzle.
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Optional Premix gfrc gun include
water washout adapter.
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Cleaning ball kit

Special material hose air
cleaning adapter



Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Interior, Exterior



5.5HP Honda engine.

20cfm oil lubricant air compressor.

1650psi hydraulic system.

V-Tex is capable of 4 square yard coverage per minute.

12gpm at maximum rotation.

17 gallon hopper with lid.

32" width.

35" from ground to top of hopper.

50" length.

380lb without hose and gun.

Easy Loading! No weight issue, just $349.00
when purchasing the V-Tex sprayer

Jeff with spraying GFRC sample countertop.



A special 1.25" pole gun for
spraying Monokote Mk-6