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Rotor-Stator pump
19-500 R2
R2 Paint Pump
19-225 Rotortex 1L3
19-230 Rotortex 2L3
19-245 Rotortex 1L4

Diaphragm pump
16-081 EF1190
16-400 Ez-Tex G5
17-080 Ez-Tex Kit
17-081 Ez-Tex Jr
18-081 Ez-Tex DXG

Paint sprayer
Lavel 5 and Skim Coat Sparyer
HVLP Sprayer
Micro Topping

Air Compressor
Hopper Gun
Bazooka Filler
Box filler
Bucket gripper

P/N 19-230 Features and Benefits
The new Rotortex with 2L3 Rotor Stator
features the best in value texture sprayer.

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Special hose fitting with internal expansions fitting allows the material
to flow easily through to the gun.
1HP 220v 3-5amp water
pr00f Leeson electric motor.

A special frame designed with removable control box, to use when washing the machine with water.
Removable Adjustable speed control box with forward rotation only.

Connecting rod with square and to luck the rotor into place.
also includes 2 fins to help material to flow in to pump.

A special patented main block designed to connect and disconnect the rotor stator pump at no time for easy cleaning after each job.
2L3 Rotor stator Pump with big square head, and stator special patented quick release fitting from main block.
20 gallon (80 liter) removable hopper includes: lift handle and spray tips storage.
Hopper with a special mounting, designed for easy mounting.
A quick fitting to remove the hopper for easy clean up.
2.5" Quick fitting at main block to connect the hopper.
A chain drive between electric motor and material pump drive.
Anti lock pump design includes special tool to start and prime pump.
The L tool comes with the machine with special mounting brackets