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The 20-Gallon Hopper allows you to use 

more material between fill ups. 

Tools storage on top of hopper. 

2 side handle for easy removable.

Quick disconnect on the bottom of hopper. 

Anti-Spill design, allows you to tilt

texture sprayer when maneuvering in tight corners.

Front wheel includes when purchasing

Benron’s electric or gas air compressor.

Compressor mounts on front wheel’s base

to give you the best maneuvering.

Removable Control Box allows you to

Remove control box before driving in

wet weather condition, or when

finishing the job to wash the sprayer

without damaging the control box.

Also Fwd and Rev switch. The Rev option

allows you to release material pressure

before disconnect hoses or gun.

Anti-lock Rotor/Stator.
How many times did you have to take all
other sprayers apart to free the locking
Rotor from the Stator?
It takes time and aggravations, with the
Rotortex texture sprayer you will absolutely
never have to, we get you the patent solution
by providing you a special design. All you do
use the tools supply with the texture sprayer
insert in the hall at the center of the cover
turn the shaft and let it free.

Easy Load Cart Design allows you to slid

the texture sprayer by your self when need

to go on the back of a truck.

A new Main Block quick connect design,

allows you to take the stator apart for

cleaning quickly and easily than ever before.

Trigger Gun included 4 spray tips, 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and 5/16.

The gun is excellent to use in small areas.

Gun includes removable On/Off switch that adapts to any of

our pole guns.

Also by disconnect the gun from the switch you can easliy prime the material, and wash the gun after the job is done.

Fine Finish spray tip available to

give you the best and the fastest

finish to complete your job.

Also excellent for spraying self leveling

cement product to get smooth finishes.

Click To View Assembly.

50’ x 3/4" ID x 300 PSI material and air
hose set, Additional 50’ material hose

Only 15Amps electric outlet needed to operate the Rotortex Smart Electric Control Box can be set for 240v for North America, and 220v for all others continent. Since the electric motor has a variable speed control box, it will work with all frequencies.

The principle operation of the pump is deceptively simple.
The rotor is an external helix precision machined from high-strength steel.
The stator (black) is an internal helix molded of tough, abrasion-resistant elastomer, permanently bonded within an alloy steel tube.
The stator always has one more helix than the rotor to facilitate the progressing cavity pumping action. As the rotor turns within the stator, cavities are formed which progress from the suction to the discharge end of the pump, conveying the process material (yellow).
The continuous seal line between the rotor and the stator helices keeps the material moving steadily at a fixed flowrate proportional to the pump's rotational speed.

Height to top of handle......................38.5"

Height to top of hopper......................33"

Width for outside wheel.....................24"

Length from front to back..................27"

Use Rotortex P/N 19-200 To apply Orangepeel, Knockdown and Simulated acoustic ceiling.
Use Rotortex P/N 19-225 To apply smooth to heavily aggregated texture elastomerics coating, fine to coarse E.I.F.S products, Monokot MK-6, Plaster products, Polymer overlay cement finishes, 16-20 Finish Stucco products and Some cement base slurries and Orangepeel, Knockdown and Simulated acoustic ceiling