Stucco sprayer Hopper gun.

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P/N 19-230
The new Rotortex with 2L3 Rotor Stator
features the best in value texture sprayer.

  • Will support 175' to 200' feet of material hose.

  • Easy removable Rotor Stator for cleaning.

  • Light weight, easy to maneuver.

  • Removable control box.

  • Requires only 10 amp to operate.

    Excellent for pumping drywall mud into flat
    boxes or corner boxes, and automatic taper
    when working quite far from the sprayer.
    use P/N 20-210

    Electric or Gas power air compressor also
    available, go to compressor page.

    Sprays a Variety of Materials Such As:

    Heavily Aggregated Texture Coating With Silica sand Perlite And Vermiculite.

    Polymer Modified Cement and Acrylic Products.

    Wall Texture Finishes From Heavy Knockdown To Orangepeel.

    Gypsum Materials, Simulated Acoustic.

    Monokote MK-6 Fire Proofing.

    E.I.F.S products.


    Never miss a job because you don’t have the right machine.

    P/N 16-311D
    Use the trigger gun to apply
    interior wall texture, use
    the 2L3 Rotor Stator pump
    to reach up to 200' .

    P/N 10-127/19
    Use pole gun to apply
    E.I.F.S, for exterior finishes.

    P/N 19-071
    50' Hose Kit
    Kit Includes Material Hose
    Air Hose and Control Cable

    P/N 15-020
    Cleaning Balls

    P/N 19-163