P/N 19-225

17-Gallon texture sprayer hopper
for spraying well texture,
Monokote-MK6 and
decorative cement products.

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Texture Sprayer for Interior and Exterior Finishes

Portable Powerful And Profitable
Rotor-Stator Texture Sprayer Design.
Achieve Big-Rig Performance
And Consistency In a Portable,
Affordable Package.

Sprays a Variety of Materials Such As:

Cement Base Materials,
Deck Coating, see how it's work.
Heavily Aggregated Texture
Coating With Silica sand,
Perlite And Vermiculite,
Polymer Modified Cement and
Acrylic Products,.
Wall Texture Finishes From
Heavy Knockdown To Orangepeel,
Gypsum Materials, Simulated Acoustic,
Monokote MK-6 Fire Proofing,
EIFS products.


3" Stator quick connection for easy clean-up.

17- Gallon Hopper.

Removable Control Box.

Variable Speed Control Box.

Plug to a regular 10 amp receptacle.

Can use up to 100ft of material hose.

Able to spray heavy products.

No viscosity check needed.

Easy to assemble and disassemble.

The quietest designs on the market.

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The best for spraying texture coating

The Rotortex Texture Sprayer Includes:

3/4" id x 50' x 300psi material hose
3/8" id x 50' x 250psi air hose
50' Electric Control Cord
On/off remot switch
Trigger Gun with 4 Spray Tips
Cleaning Ball Kit
Removable Control Box

Order P/N 19-225 For applying :

Synthetic Stucco.
Polymer Modified Cement
Texture Coating.
Monokote MK-6 Fire Proofing.
Cafco 300.

How to use when spraying decorative concrete finish

Find the different from 19-200 to 19-225

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Accessories Includes With Rotortex

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Spraying texture coating


Spraying American Clay