The Newest Texture Sprayer Rotortex 245E Pro
and 245G pro for Interior and Exterior Finishes

P/N 19-245-E

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P/N 19-245-EB

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P/N 19-245-EG

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The Rotortex 245E pro electric texture sprayer is ideal for the large residential and commercial

contractor needing a powerful texture sprayer capable of handling a wide variety of materials:

such as Drywall textures, synthetic stuccos, deck coatings, stone paints, fireproofing and more.

The Rotortex 245-E is configured to tackle interior and exterior jobs of all sizes with 120V power.

The Rotortex 245E and 245G Features:

* An Extra Large Capacity Hopper with a tool tray and a quick connection to the pump

* Capacity that holds up to 18 gallons of material, for less time spent refilling the hopper

* Hopper that includes a lid to protect from any foreign debris getting into the material

* A 120V DC Motor

* Can be supplied with 240V for more power if needed

* Remote On/Off switch

* Completely enclosed, fan-cooled design protects the motor from dust, dirt, and other debris

* Reduction of noise and vibration

* Extended life of pump and compressor

* Sprays repeatable patterns with less material and pressure adjustments

* Increases productivity compared to others’

* Rotor stator pump provides smooth material flow and eliminates material pulsation

* Delivers high output pressure allow longer material hose to quickly get the job done

* Slow speed pump allows longer rotor stator life

* Delivers material up to 100 feet

* Twin-Cylinder High-Output Air Compressor

* Removable air compressor

* High-output design

* Maintenance-free design

* Electric compressor runs at a lower RPM for a longer life

* 8 cfm output at 30 PSI

* Honda gas compressor deliver 10 cfm at 100 psi

* 3/4 or 1 inch Material hose, 3/8-inch Air Hose, control cord

* Removable material control

* Adjustable Material Flow Control


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Unit Includes:

* 3/4 in x 50 ft Material Hose

* 3/8 in x 50 ft Air Hose

* Heavy Duty Texture Gun

* 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm,

* Viscosity funnel

* Cleaning ball kit

* 3' Pole gun option when using for fireproofing material

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Download frame assembly

Download Hopper & pump assembly

Download 20-100-A compressor

Download 18-600-B compressor

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16-311J Trigger Gun Includes
4 spray nozzles


13-060 3/4" or 1" x 50'
Material Hose

13-077 Viscosity Funnel

15-020 Garden Hose
Flushing Kit

40-127 3' pole gun