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Our Pavement Marking Equipment Features:

  • 32-gallon hopper for Methyl-Methacrylate (MMA)
  • 10-gallon hopper for liquid Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO)
  • Hopper designed with a 10-degree angle for easy material flow to the pump and easy clean-up
  • Stainless steel hopper lids
  • 8.5 HP Honda engine
  • Dual compressor for high CFM
  • Rotor-Stator: solvent resistant material pumping system
  • Remote material pump: ON/OFF switch at the gun
  • On board solvent flashing diaphragm pump with ON/OFF switch at the gun
  • Special, 5-gallon mounting basket for flushing solvent
  • Hydraulic power system with material volume control adjustment
  • 16-inch wheels for easy mobility
  • 6-inch caster front wheel with brakes
  • Hitch and ball mount to connect to the line driver scooter for ease of transport
  • 25-foot dual solvent resistant material hose
  • Special spray gun solvent port clean out
  • Easy to install and remove gun spray nozzle; no tools necessary

No extensive cleaning required at the end of the day!

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The RS300 makes road marking and striping easy!

Save time, money,

man power and resources.

No cleaning required


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need the clean the MMA hopper and hose when finish a day of work?
No, since the MMA and the BPO on separate hoppers no cleaning requires, just clean the end of the gun cap and spray nozzle with acetone.
Is the MMA used already mixed with the aggregate?
Most suppliers do not have the Aggregate pre-mixed with the MMA.
What type and size of aggregate is used?
We recommend Corundum, Aluminium Peroxide, and Sand. The size of the aggregate can be up to 2mm.
What is the lifetime of the MMA pump?
The lifetime of the pump is depending on the turning speed and kind of aggreged used.
When adding the MMA and aggregate mix into the hopper, how do you prevent the aggregate from dropping to the bottom of the of the hopper and having excess build-up when it pumps through the line to the gun?
Normally the aggregate will not separate while you are using the machine. It will only separate and sink to the bottom if material is left in the hopper for several days.
When moving from one site to the next, can you leave the MMA mix within the hopper and mix more in once at the new site with an electric mixer to get the MMA and aggregate properly mixed at the new site?
Yes, you can. However, be sure not to go all the way to the bottom since there is the connecting shaft turning the pump.
How do I clean the MMA hopper when I finish using the machine?
You clean only with acetone.
How do I clean the BPO pump?
You clean with mineral spirit that the VOC is more then 600 (never with acetone will damage the pump) or high-pressure water.
Are you required to fill the full 10-gallon hopper with BPO?
As you will only use 2oz of BPO per gallon of MMA while operating the machine, it is not required to fill the entire 10 gallons with PBO.
Is the ratio of the BPO can be change?
Yes, normally when the weather is cold ratio can be change by inserting smaller sprocket on the BPO pump.
Is it possible for the BPO to get inside the MMA line, causing a malfunction or back-flow and block the MMA line?
The BPO flows on a separate ¼” line all the way to the gun head prior to mixing with the air and flowing though the spray nozzle to mix with the MMA. Since the air pressure for the BPO is much higher than the MMA pressure you should never have back flow of BPO to MMA.
Is the sprayer include BPO alarm system?
Standard sprayer does not include but can be added for additional fee.
Are you able to confirm how many square feet/meters you can lay with this unit with say one full hopper load of 32 gallons and can you also confirm how long it will take to empty a 32 gallon hopper in one go if the area to be laid is big enough so that you don’t have to fill it again? How many square feet can you lay with the RS300 with the full 32-gallon hopper load?
The machine is set up to spray one gallon per minute with a thickness of 60 mill (1.5mm), which should return you about 45 square feet (4.2 square meters) per minute. It is possible to have a higher GPM, but an additional external compressor is needed. The unit is set up that the CFM and the GPM will give a perfect anti-skid finish; any more material flow results in splatter coat finish.
Can you change out the 32-gallon hopper on-site?
The hopper cannot be removed as it connects directly to all the mechanicals component to turn the pump in the front of the machine.
What is the machine warrantee?
Machine warrantee is 2 years excluding normal worn-out parts during use.

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