The Ez-Tex Dxg Will Spray

  • Fine E.I.F.S.
  • Texture Elastomerics.
  • Orangepeel And Knockdown Finishes.
  • Street print spraying products.
  • Modified polymer cement products light viscosity. (must call for more information before ordering)

Testing The Ez-Tex DXG spraying Micro topping at Super-Krete

Testing The Ez-Tex DXG spraying Micro topping at Super-Krete

Spraying Bike lane


The Ez-Tex DXG with the Benron’s Gal-Air compressor pack and the finest Honda GX160 engine, is the world’s strongest 2 cylinder Direct-Drive compressor.

The innovative design does not use pulleys, flywheels, belts or belt-guard assemblies.

The compressor is bolted directly to the engine flange which results in a lightweight, compact machine that out performs anything in its class.

At 70LB and with air delivery of 25 displacements CFM it is the lightest weight and highest output unit on the market.

The lightweight hand pack direct flow makes for great portability and easy loading and unloading. Other features include automatic idle down, ASME safety valve, engine oil shut down.

The automatic control is factory set to idle down at 125 psi and to refill when pressure reaches 100 psi.

The 2 cylinder Direct- Drive Design is Honda approved and virtually maintenance free. No adjustment needs as other belt driven compressors.

The Ez-Tex DXG also features the High-output 1 in double-diaphragm texture spray pump produces material delivery rates up to 6 gpm, allowing you to complete jobs faster than ever before.

With material operating pressure up to 100 psi, you can spray heavier materials and support much longer hose lengths.

The large capacity 15 gallon material hopper includes quick connectors between hopper to pump for easy assemble, and material strainer.

Our 25 cfm gas compressor pack can be removed to reduce sprayer weight for maximum portability.

Also Leave gas compressor outside while spraying inside and stay away from noise and exhaust fumes.

Top-Notch, Two Years Limited Warranty.
(Excluding Consumable Components, and air compressor parts) Covers All Parts and All Repairs, Including Labor.
Some Limitations Apply, Call for More Info.

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