Texture Guns

Find texture paint sprayers and guns for walls and ceilings.

Texture Guns

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10-127/19 Pole Gun


This style gun is excellent to use when abrasive material must be apply in tight area, if need to use with the Rotortex.

10-127/V3 Pole Gun


A special 1.25″ pole gun for spraying fireproofing Monokote Mk-6,
Cafco 300, stucco and more products.

16-311D &16-050 Trigger Gun


Our trigger gun is excellent for spraying drywall texture, American clay, Decorative concrete finishes, Fine and medium E.I.F.S finishes.

Trigger gun includes:

1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″ and 5/16″ round nozzles
Fine finis spray kit includes 3 nozzle
3/4″ ball valve.

16-311D Trigger Gun


This trigger gun supply with The Rotortex, Ez-Tex dxg, and Xt models.

19-127 Pole Gun


GFRC spray gun with remote switch, and washout cleaning kit.

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