For only $1575.00

P/N 16-400M
5 Gallon Micro Topping pump.
Call us for special offer.

Coltcrete Gun P/N 10-189 To Apply Cement Like Paint.
For Continually Spraying, We Recommended Using Our Gas Compressor
P/N 18-550 Or P/N 18-600.

Material Fluid Adapter P/N 15-281 To connect material Hose To Pump Or pressure pot Materials Outlet.

Air Pressure Regulator
P/N 15-285 Must be used
To Control Air Flow To Coltcrete Gun.

3/8"x 25' Id Material Hose
P/N 10-220 .

P/N 14-220 3/8" x 25' Air Line
For Coltcrete Gun.

Before Spraying Micro Topping
After Spraying Micro Topping

P/N 10-201

2.5 Gallon pressure tank, Coltcrete gun,
25' material hose, and 25'air hose

With standard pressure pot only $975.00
With stainless steel pressure pot only $1475.00

Please Note:

For best finish result a 12 cfm @ 100 psi
air compressor requires.


This 2.5 gallon pressure pot is coated with teflon to
eliminate rust and for easy cleaning. The two
regulators and gages are for fine pressure
adjustment resulting in excellent materials finish.