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Rotortex Compact, same power
as the Rotortex R5 and the Rotortex 200/225 for spraying
Synthetic & Acrylic stucco, wall
texture and more.

To use with wall texture:

19-250 Gear ratio 5:1 25' hose

19-255 Gear ratio 5:1 50' hose

To use with aggregated materials:

19-260 Gear ratio 7.5:1 25' hose

19-265 Gear ratio 7.5:1 50' hose


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The New Rotortex Compact

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To Puchase please click here.

For customer in HI, AK, PR,
and Canada please call
for shipping cost

Texture Sprayer for Interior and
Exterior Synthetic, Acrylic stucco


Portable Powerful And Profitable
Rotor-Stator Texture Sprayer Design.
Achieve Big-Rig Performance
And Consistency In a Portable,
Affordable Package.

Sprays a Variety of Materials Such As:

Deck Coating,

Polymer Modified Cement and
Acrylic Products.

Wall Texture Finishes From
Heavy Knockdown To Orangepeel.

Gypsum Materials, Simulated Acoustic,
MK-6 Fire Proofing.

EIFS Synthetic, Acrylic stucco products.


3" Stator quick connection for easy clean-up.

10 Gallon Hopper.

Removable Control Box.

Industry's Quietest Design.

FWD Variable Speed Control Box.

Plug to a regular 15amp receptacle.

Can use up to 100ft of material hose.

Able to spray heavy products.

Easy to assemble and disassemble.

Only 70Lb machine without hose and gun

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The picture,  shows the square connecting rod
that allows easy pump removal for cleaning.

Also shown are the two fins that help the
material flow into the pump while it is turning.
These fins prevent material from getting stuck
to the bottom of the main block as well.


The Rotortex Junior Texture Sprayer Includes:

3/4" id x 25' x 300psi material hose.

3/4" id x 25' x 250psi air hose.

3/8" id x 25' Control Cord.

Trigger Gun with 4 Spray Nozzle.

Cleaning Ball Kit.

Viscosity Funnel.

Remote ON/OFF switch.

1L3 Rotor stator.

Removable Control Box



29" Height

17' Width

22" Length


1HP 115V/Dc 60HZ

1HP 230V/Dc 50HZ

2HP 230V/DC 50HZ



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Rotortex Compact Spraying Monokote MK6 fireproofing

Rotortex Compact, Spraying Acrylic-synthetic stucco

Rotortex Spraying Water Base Texture Coating