The RS100 is best for spraying 2 or 3 coat water base material for the green bike lane



BENRON Sprayers – Designed to get the tough jobs done faster
and easier with less maintenance than competitors’ brands.




RS100 include GX270 8.5HP Honda engine
to get the job fester and much easier then others



* “Rotor-Stator Technology”
* Performance unmatched by other popular branded rotor-stator sprayers
* Honda GX270 Gas engine
* 45 Gallon Hopper – All steel construction for maximum durability
* 2 Cylinder Built-in Belt Driven Oil Type Compressor for the longest life, deliveres 10cfm @ 100psi
* Variable Speed Hydraulic Pump Drive for exact pump speed control and maximum durability
* Remote Start/Stop Control for easy operation
* Narrow design can fit through 30” doors
* Easy to use – Easy to maintain
* Complete Sprayer includes; Trigger Gun, fine finish spray kit, 50’ Material Hose, Air Hose, Control Cord, and cleaning ball kit









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Trigger gun

P/N 16-311J


Optinal pole gun

P/N 10-128-RS100


50-Foot hose set

P/N 19-070


Cleaning ball kit

P/N 15-020