Stucco sprayer hopper gun
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V-Tex p/n 19-400G

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What Makes The R2 Stucco Sprayer
The Most Versatile And Affordable
Spray Machine In the Industry?

The Only Sprayer.
That You Choose The Performances,
That Will Suit You For Your Job.

Smallest hydraulic sprayer in the industry.

All the performance as a big rig without the cost!

Choose your own performance. Select 1L3, 2L3 or 1L4 Rotor Stator pump.

Pump can be replaced in just a few
seconds, and no tools are required.

17 or 20-gallon removable material hopper, for easy clean up.

Hydraulic system powered by 5.5hp
Honda engine.

20cfm oil lubricant air compressor.

Require only 6 Quart of hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic pressure adjustment.

Hydraulic speed control.

Power supply mounted on top
anti-vibrations pads.

Solid front caster “Flat free”

Fits through 32” door opening.

Easily maneuverable with one person!

13” pneumatic rear wheels.

Lightweight compare to other machines with same performance.

Includes 50’ feet material hose.

Option of trigger gun or pole gun.

Removable On/off electric control switch.

Cleaning kit.

The R2 Can spray:

Stucco, decorative Cement finishes, (wall stamping)
GFRC (Glass fiber reinforced concrete),
GFRG ( Glass fiber reinforced Gypsum),
Oranepeel, Knockdown Drywall Texture, Acoustic, EIFS, Dash, Fire Proofing, Grout, Sand /Cement Slurries, plaster spray products,
Monokote Mk-6 Fire Proofing, Other Highly Viscous And Abrasive Materials.

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Need Slabraising/Slabejacking?
Use The R2 With 2L3 Rotor Stator Pump, And Get Up To 200Psi.

Accessories includes with R2:

If purchase 1L4 pump use 1" x 50' Hose set
P/N 19-1560
For additional 1" x 50' hose set
use P/N 19-1561

If purchase 1L3 and 2L3 pump
use P/N 19-070
for additional 3/4" x 50' hose set
use P/N 19-071

A choice of pole gun with 4 spray tips
when spraying stucco, and E.I.F.S. finishes
P/N 10-127/19

Or trigger gun with 4 spray tips
P/N 16-311D

Cleaning ball kit P/N 15-020

garden hose adapter P/N 15-078
used with cleaning ball.

Air cleaning adapter P/N 17-000
used with claening ball.
V-Tex p/n 19-400G
Benron's also featuring
the new and best V-Tex stucco sprayer
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R2 with 17 gallon hopperR2 without compressor
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R2 with 1L4 Rotor Stator
Deliver up to 100' @ 4.5 gpm

This 1L4 Hi- Chrome heat treat iron
Rotor is designed to last longer and take
the abuse that other chrome plating
rotors cannot do, especially when working
with cement slurries materials .

Easy Loading! No weight issue, just $449.00
when purchasing the R2 sprayer

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20cfm Oil Lubricant air compressor

High torque
hydraulic motor

Rremove or clean
pump in just a second

Power by 5.5Hp
Honda engine

hydraulic System

Anti lock pump design

When purchasing the R2 with 1L4 set-up for spraying stucco
materials or E.I.F.S it is recommend that you purchase the new
3' reduced hose adapter P/N 19-1580, it allows the material
to flow from 2-1/2" to 1-1/2" and then to the 1" hose.
This will eliminate the material from separating, and
a clogged hose when applying the products.
Hose assembly P/N 19-1580
2-1/2" to 1-1/2" reducer
1-1/2" to 1" reducer